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Residential Landscape Plans

Since Artscape Land Design is an architecture firm, design is the most important aspect of the process. Like house blueprints, your landscape plan is the foundation for your project. Along with great design you are also hiring personal service. We focus on exceeding expectations whether we are consulting, designing or installing for our residential and commercial clients.

How does the design process work?

First of all, Artscape will set up an appointment to meet with you at your residence or commercial property to discuss your project. After the initial meeting, we email you a free estimate within 24 hours for our landscape architects to draw plans for your new project. From these plans, we calculate the estimates for installation based on a formula. This way, by owning a set of plans, you could acquire other bids from other companies to install your design – or even install it yourself. If you decide to choose Artscape to install your project, you’ll receive a discount equal to what you spent on the initial landscape plans. That way, if you hire us to install the project, you are virtually getting an architect to design the plans for free.

The Artscape advantage

licensed landscape architect stampSure, anyone can promise to build outdoor and landscape projects for you. However, hiring a licensed landscape architect to draw plans and stamp them ensures you will receive a professional design that will, in turn, significantly increase your property value. In fact, many residential subdivisions and commercial buildings now require stamped landscape plans.

Our Landscape Plan Design Package includes:

  • 2 Consultations with Kirk Colgan, PLA (Principal Landscape Architect)
  • 1 color 18” x 24” or 24” x 36” Landscape Plan , plus 1 color 8.5x11”
  • A personal letter from the architect explaining the design concept and design details
  • Itemized estimates for Artscape to install the project, including landscaping, hardscaping and other optional irrigation or lighting systemss
  • A “Do-it-yourself landscape installation pamphlet” with easy to follow instructions
  • A Monthly Maintenance Schedule on how to keep your landscape thriving

How long is the design process?

After the initial meeting, the plans take about two-to-four weeks to design and print, pending the scope of project and our schedule. Once you receive the plans, we’ll set another appointment to discuss your design and any updates or revisions necessary. Along with the set of plans, we can also email you a digital copy of your plans at no extra charge.

For Commercial Designs, click here.

*All Artscape installation projects include a full one year warranty


Design & Plans

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