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Landscape Lighting

Coming in from a night out or simply dining outdoors, well-designed landscape lighting can enhance any mood. Directional lights illuminate trees and the architecture features of your home while path lights provide security, safety and protection of your property. Using soft, natural evening lighting, Artscape recommends lighting fixtures and systems that come in all shapes, colors and sizes. It’s one more approach to transforming your exterior features into an outdoor exhibit with dramatic effect.

How will my lighting fixtures hold up?

Vista Professional Outdoor LightingArtscape recommends and uses high quality Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting for all of our exterior projects. Their fixtures are made from sturdy cast aluminum, which is strong, waterproof and rust-proof. The transformer control boxes are also solid, rust-proof stainless steel and include an automatic timer so the lights come on and off even while you are out of town. Energy-efficient and earth friendly LED lighting systems are also an option, saving you not only on your electric bill but also from the need to change the bulbs (LED bulbs last for over 20 years). And, our newest lighting systems have the option to be operated from an APP on your smart phone or tablet from anywhere.

*All Artscape installation projects include a full one year warranty


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