Outdoor Rooms & Kitchens

Outdoor Rooms & Kitchens

Let’s face it, the kitchen is the new family room. But these days, the same can be said for the outdoor kitchen. Outdoor grills, granite islands, pergolas, covered cabanas, Italian pizza ovens and more. The back yard is becoming the common gathering place for friends and family, especially in a town known for its love of food. Therefore, the outdoor kitchen is the ideal outdoor room. And Artscape has a history working with both small and large projects in a range of prices. Careful planning, master craftsmanship, value – that is what we provide when designing your new outdoor kitchen. Our licensed landscape architects can ensure that your outdoor kitchen will be designed and built to last a lifetime.

Where do I start with any outdoor room or kitchen?

Obviously, hiring a licensed landscape architect from Artscape would be our suggestion to guide you in the right path. First, figure out whether you want an open-air pergola or a solid covered cabana over your outdoor room or kitchen. Do you want a full kitchen and bar or just an island with a grill? Regardless, this design will be carefully created by our architects and can be built by our team of skilled contractors who have over fifteen years of experience building these outdoor buildings.

*All Artscape installation projects include a full one year warranty



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