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Nothing makes a first impression like a flagstone or antique brick courtyard set against a stately garden. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a patio or courtyard is almost a necessity these days. “Hardscaping,” named for any hard, non-living outdoor material, ranges from patios/courtyards and driveways to walkways and even retaining walls. Whether it’s a flagstone patio or a brick walkway, be sure to ask Artscape about the possibilities of a hardscape element. And, professionally designed “outdoor rooms” such as stone courtyards or brick paver patios are known to substantially increase property values – and “Wows” amongst your guests. Visit our Gallery to see more examples.


With all the advances in styles and material technology, pavers can help you transform any outdoor area into a functional work of art. Pavers are individual concrete pieces that are durable, low maintenance, versatile and are pervious, meaning they allow water to percolate through – unlike solid concrete. Also, unlike solid concrete, paver projects are easily repairable and since they are individual pieces (with a lifetime warranty against cracks), they are more durable as well. Most important, pavers are very reasonably priced.

What type of pavers do you use?

Old World cobblestone ambiance or a clean, contemporary brick look? Artscape recommends Belgard or Pavestone brand pavers, which come in various sizes, shapes and many different colors. Want a replica of a quaint French Quarter courtyard? Want to savor the romance of an English garden courtyard or European plaza? We have pavers to match any style from the look of cobblestone, natural flagstone or antique bricks.

Natural Flagstone Patios

If your budget allows, natural flagstone is another smart choice of material. Yet, since real stone is a natural product and more fragile, we highly recommend a concrete base and mortaring the stone to it. Flagstone is a popular choice whether it’s green, gray, bluestone from the Appalachian Mountains or tan/brown stone from the Rockies. Flagstone can also be purchased cut in rectangular pieces or in natural broken irregular pieces. Nothing makes a more spectacular first impression or can raise a property’s value more than the use of natural flagstone.

Natural Travertine

One of the newest hardscape materials now used in landscape applications is natural flagstone from Turkey. Many clients already have travertine tile in their kitchens and baths because of its beauty, pleasing texture and low-maintenance. This “outdoor” travertine stone is sold as large rectangular cut outdoor pavers that come in several colors and sizes. The colors range from ivory to silver and tan to walnut and can be purchased in a French pattern which includes six different sizes. Also, travertine stone has a pleasing slight texture and is “cool” to the touch, which makes it work perfectly for pool decks and patios in warmer climates.



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