Pools & Water Features

Swimming Pools

Why go out of town for vacation when you can get away to a tropical paradise just steps away from your back door? For the last two decades, Artscape has been designing stunning water features such as swimming pools, ponds and fountains. We design and install lap pools, formal pools with waterfalls, hot tubs and even beach-like, sloped entrance pools – a design that mimics the natural ambience of the ocean. Each distinct water feature design is highlighted with a natural, lush landscape that will whisk you away to your own paradise.

Should I contact a pool company first?

No. Your new pool should be designed by a professional landscape architect rather than a pool contractor. The architects at Artscape create all original pool designs that are designed to the client’s specific wants and needs. Artscape can also professionally install your pool because we partner with only the most reputable pool companies in the area. It is always in our client’s best interest to consider talking with a landscape architect first to discuss the entire environment so the pool, pool deck and landscaping will all be designed to work together in harmony.

Fountains and Ponds

Imagine relaxing in your pool to the calming sound of cascading water. Imagine water looking bluer than you’ve ever seen before. Imagine a natural rock formation waterfall and a tropical fish pond to make you feel thousands of miles away. Whatever you can dream up, we’re open for anything. Working together, we’ll help you achieve not only the look you want, but also the feeling as well. It’s our passion, designing to make you happy.

*All Artscape installation projects include a full one year warranty



Design & Plans

Every work of art needs a canvas.


We transform your land into art.

Pools & Water Features

Enjoy paradise in your own back yard.

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